Baby Bottle Holder

Comfycup™ is a Convenient Baby Bottle Holder

Comfycup™ is a Convenient Baby Bottle Holder

Whether you’re a parent or not, you’ve seen how hard it is for people to settle in public transit with their stroller or keep their baby calm on a ride. They can’t even think about enjoying a drink for themselves to relax, especially without a baby bottle holder on hand to make the trip easier.

Many parents don’t own a car and rely on transit to get their groceries, go to appointments and do other errands with their baby. There is a lot to carry in a diaper bag or stroller including diapers, wipes, toys, extra clothes and snacks.

New parents dread the thought of bringing their baby on the bus or train. But now there are a variety of products to help make their transit ride easier including wraps, strong diaper bags and tablets for kids.

Now parents can add Comfycup™ to the mix to help take care of their baby public transit. It serves as a convenient baby bottle holder and provides these benefits:

No more worrying about spilled sippy cups

It’s important to have a sippy cup on hand for water or milk. But sometimes they leak and cause a mess in your bag. When you have the Comfycup™ as a secure baby bottle holder, you don’t have to worry about this while you’re on a moving bus or train.

Simply clamp Comfycup™ on the transit pole facing you and place the baby bottle. This way, you can get settled in your area during your ride. Now your hands are free to look for things your baby needs, get food or browse your phone. Whenever they need a drink, you can quickly grab their bottle.

The rubberized grip and clamp stops your Comfycup™ from sliding down the pole. It acts as a stable second set of hands for you while you are taking care of your child.

Stay engaged with your baby

We know it can be stressful trying to keep your baby calm during a ride. The last thing you want is getting those uncomfortable stares, comments and groans from other people when your child starts crying.

Using Comfycup™ as a baby bottle holder on transit allows you to keep your hands free to stay engaged with your baby. You can focus on your child and comfortably look through your bag or stroller to get any entertaining toys.

Easy to clip baby bottle holder

Any parent knows there are a lot of things to bring whenever you take a baby out with you, even if you’re doing simple errands. They need water, food and may leave you a thoughtful surprise in their diaper during your short trip out.

Before you go out to catch your bus or train, all you need to do is take a second to clip Comfycup™ on your bag, purse or backpack. Simply grab it and go anytime.

Once you’re on transit, clamp Comfycup™ on a pole close to you.

Comfycup™ holds most baby bottle sizes

Parents need a range of bottle sizes to accommodate their fast-growing baby.  Comfycup™ is an adaptable baby bottle holder that can carry almost all standard baby bottle sizes.

This is especially useful when you are in a packed bus or train with nowhere to sit. Once you attach Comfycup™ on a pole and place your bottle in it, your hands are free to sift through your bag or stroller to give your baby what they need.

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