Bicycle Water Bottle Holder

Comfycup™ as a Bicycle Water Bottle Holder

Comfycup™ as a Bicycle Water Bottle Holder

There are so many beautiful routes to ride on by bike. But because there are many hilly areas, we need to take the bus or train to get to the starting point for our ride.

A growing number of people in communities around the world are cycling to commute, especially in major cities. As people spend more time on a bike, it’s important to have water on hand to stay hydrated and have a reliable bicycle bottle holder.

There are different reasons for the increasing number of cyclists in many countries including the health benefits of cycling and worsening vehicle traffic on the roads resulting in taking longer commute times. Comfycup™ makes it easier to stay hydrated by acting as a secure bicycle bottle holder for the train, bus or bike itself.

Bicycle water bottle holder that is awesome for the bus

After you place your bike on the bus rack, you can attach Comfycup™ on a pole and put your water bottle in it so you can hydrate anytime during the ride.

When Comfycup™ is used as your mobile bicycle bottle holder, your hands are free to send messages on your phone, browse your tablet, eat a snack or read a book. When you reach your destination, simply remove your water bottle and Comfycup™ and get ready to ride.

Bicycle water bottle holder that makes your train ride more comfortable

Cyclists always have to hold their bikes to keep it steady whether they are sitting or standing. They also have to move it around as more people come on the train. This makes it more inconvenient because you have to get water from your bag or bend down to get it from your bicycle bottle holder.

When you have Comfycup™ on the train, you can attach it to the pole close to you in the most convenient position, put your bottle in it and easily grab water anytime. You won’t have to swing your backpack around to get water while you are trying to hold your bike steady.

When you reach your destination, you can take out your water bottle, unclamp Comfycup™ and simply re-attach it to your backpack or bike.

Bicycle water bottle holder for the road

Comfycup™ can act as your bicycle water bottle holder while you’re riding around town or for longer distances. It securely clamps to your bike with its rubberized grip and helps prevent water from spilling while you’re riding on bumpy surfaces, sharp turns and sudden stops.

Comfycup™ attaches to any bike frame that is about the same size as a pole on public transit. If you’re going on longer rides in more remote areas and already have a bicycle bottle holder, you can bring an extra bottle and put it in Comfycup™ so you don’t run out of water on your ride. This also spares you from carrying water on your back.

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