Whenever you’re on public transportation, it’s always a juggle trying to hold onto your coffee, bag, purse, and everything else you need with you while traveling to and from work. This unique device called the ComfyCup Holder gives you a cup-holder practically anywhere, but it’s specifically handy on trains, buses, and subways.








No longer will you be stuck holding your extra hot coffee throughout your entire ride on the bus or train. To use the ComfyCup Holder, just clamp it around any pole or seat and then set your drink inside of the cup-holder area. It’s that easy.








The ComfyCup Holder fits practically any standard cone shaped drink sized small to x-large, and easily fits in your purse or bag when not in use. You can also clamp it around the outside of your bag or purse if you don’t have room on the inside.







The portable public transportation cup-holder is made from polycarbonate plastic, is super durable, impact resistant, and lightweight. Plus, not only does the cupholder work on buses, trains, and subways, but it can also attach right to your bicycle, so you can have a handy cup-holder while you bike.