Coffee Cup Holder

Comfycup™ as a Coffee Cup Holder

Comfycup™ as a Coffee Cup Holder

We’re a country of coffee lovers. Drinking a soothing, warm cup of coffee is a necessary morning ritual for many people across diverse cultures and communities. No wonder it’s the second most consumed beverage around the world next to water.

But our ritual is often interrupted when we have to worry about balancing our hot coffee on a busy train or bus with our hands and feet. Our energy would be much better spent doing other things on transit.

When you have Comfycup™ as a convenient coffee cup holder or coffee mug holder, you can upgrade your transit experience. Plus, you’ll look like an even smarter commuter for having this handy accessory that keeps your hands free to work on your laptop, read a book or browse your phone. Whatever makes you happy!

Here are the ways Comfycup™ enhances your transit ride as your comfortable coffee cup holder:

Prevent spills on yourself and other passengers

Too many people needlessly skip their coffee-to-go before going to an important business meeting or school presentation because they’re worried they may spill on their clothes.

But this doesn’t have to be case because Comfycup™ securely holds your cup with its smart grip. Even if the bus or train suddenly stops, your coffee is safely held in place as a coffee mug holder or coffee cup holder.

Now you don’t have to worry about messing up your clothes and enjoy your coffee every time you ride on transit. In fact, many of our customers tell us that they feel like they are sitting in a coffee shop with their Comfycup™.

Keep your electronics safe with our coffee cup holder

We invest a lot in our smartphone and computers. It keeps us connected to our friends and family, helps us run businesses and be productive at work. Spilling coffee on our precious gadgets is always a nightmare we want to avoid.

If you’re not familiar with the rice bag trick to save your phone, it does work much of the time. We know because we’ve done it before. If you spill a drink on your phone and it stops working, turn it off immediately and leave it in a bag of raw rice for at least 24 hours before turning it on again. While this is effective, we’re guessing most people don’t carry a bag of rice with them on their way to work, school or back home.

Instead, investing a small amount in Comfycup™ to serve as your coffee cup holder will save you money, time and stress by preventing spills on your electronics in the first place.

Convenient coffee mug holder

Comfycup™ doesn’t just hold cups, it also acts as a secure coffee mug holder too.

Many transit commuters make their own fresh coffee at home and bring a travel mug to keep their drink hot on their transit ride. A solid mug also doesn’t require an extra layer of cardboard around your cup to protect you from the heat.

While you’re on the train or bus, you can easily clamp the Comfycup™ coffee mug holder on a pole and it holds most coffee mug sizes. More people are using travel mugs to reduce their waste and help the environment.

Until now, a coffee mug holder has never looked so sleek and stylish. Many of our customers often get intrigued looks and questions from other transit users about where they got their nice-looking Comfycup™.

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