Mobile Cup Holder

Comfycup™ is your Mobile Cup Holder

Comfycup™ is your Mobile Cup Holder

What is your favourite drink in the morning? Coffee, protein shake or ice cappuccino?

No matter what it is, Comfycup™ serves as a mobile cup holder that securely holds your drink on a transit pole so you can have a more relaxed and enjoyable commute. All you have to do is clamp it on and the smart Comfycup™ grip keeps it connected to the pole without sliding down.

Comfycup™ has lightweight and sleek design which makes it easier for you to use both hands to do other things while you are on a train or bus. You don’t have to keep juggling your drink trying not to spill it on your clothes, electronics or other people.

Here are the ways Comfycup™ upgrades your transit experience as a convenient mobile cup holder:

Boost your productivity

Many people spend at least twenty minutes to over an hour getting to work, going school or doing other errands on public transit. Some people even spend three hours a day! Imagine how much you could get done on your labtop, phone or tablet while enjoying your favourite beverage.

If you want to be productive on your labtop or tablet, without a mobile cup holder on hand, you either have to hold your beverage between your legs or feet. If the train or bus suddenly stops, your cup could spill on yourself or your electronics. What a headache! If your drink is hot, it could burn you as well.

When you put your drink in Comfycup™, you can easily grab it as you please while you are working. Get a head start on your projects before you step into the office. Finish up the final touches of your university projects on your commute. Or if you simply want to reply your friends and family, you can do that while you indulge in favourite drink.

When you have Comfycup™ as your mobile cup holder, you can maximize the time you have on your commute to be more productive.

Eat comfortably

Many of us eat our breakfast on public transit. But it’s annoying attempting to hold your drink in place while you’re trying to enjoy your meal.

When you have a smart Comfycup™ mobile cup holder, you can simply put your cup in it and eat your meal comfortably. Even if there is a sudden stop on transit, smart grip keeps your beverage safe and secure. You may even feel like you’re sitting in a restaurant on the train.

If you need to move and switch seats as people come on transit, just unclamp Comfycup™ and put it on another poll facing you.

Enjoy a book peacefully

Whether you like to read good old hard covers, on a Kindle or by listening to an audiobook, Comfycup™ allows you relax at the same time.

When you put your drink in your Comfycup™, you can use both hands to sift through your hard cover book or device. Even though you could use one hand to read on your electronic device or simply listen to an audiobook on your phone, Comfycup™ takes away the risk of spilling your drink on yourself and your gadgets.

When you have a mobile cup holder to keep your beverage in place, your hands are free to do other things while you listen to your audiobook like send emails or message friends. You easily do various tasks while you engage in a book.

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