ComfyCup Cup Holder


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Protect your laptop, phone and yourself with the ComfyCup™ cup holder. You will no longer have to worry about the headaches, damages, or burns of spilling your beverage while you commute.

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  • Why use Comfycup™
    Commuting should be fun and comfortable! Improve your daily commute with Comfycup™ cup holder. Easily carry your favourite beverage on the Go! No need to struggle any more.
  • How to use Comfycup™
    Simply clamp it to your bag or purse strap on the way to the train / bus, and then clamp it to the pole in less then a second! Make sure to clamp it facing you. Its light weight and slick look will make it your Go to commute accessory.
  • Where should I use Comfycup™
    Fits standard size poles on public transit vehicles and other commonly used poles (9cm to 10.5 CM circumference).
  • What cups does Comfycup™ hold?
    Fits all standard size conical cups, from S to XL , disposable & reusable.
  • Can I use Comfycup™ during rush hour?
    Comfycup™ cup holder is perfect even during rush hour. Make sure to clamp it low, facing you while on public transit. Clamp Comfycup™ in a way which will avoid contact with others.
  • Locking mechanism:
    Ensures device stays locked to the pole. Rubberised claw clamp design: prevents sliding down the pole.
  • Material:
    Made from Polycarbonate plastic- Durable,  impact resistant and Light weight.


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 cm