Promo Product

Reaching Millions Every Day…

Reaching Millions Every Day…

According to The New York Times, including promotional products when conducting outreach to prospective customers can increase the response rate by up to 17 percent.

To ensure maximum impact, you have to go beyond ink pens and flimsy totes for your promo merch. You need to offer a branded promotional product that gives customers an incentive they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Comfycup is the ultimate promo product, it is NEW, useful, attractive and most important is it used in the one place that has the highest number of eyes – Public transit.

Imagine taking the subway on your way to work and seeing that girl who’s using her iPad while having her coffee inside comfycup, that sight alone would take your attention, add to it the logo of a company you know, and you got yourself a portable advertisement that takes any brand to a new level.

There are two things that would never change, the way beverages are being contained (disposable and reusable cups) and public transportation, taking that into account makes it a great opportunity for a unique item with custom printing option, the comfycup can be easily branded with any logo out there. A modern promotional item that provides both practical use and trendy feeling is the right way to expand your reach and to provide your customers with an impressive giveaway.

Comfycup users from around the world are sharing pictures of comfycup being used in some other places such as: Bicycles, scooters, wheelchairs, rollators and more. The variety of options taking comfycup to the climax of a marketing gift, providing your company an even higher range of users and increased exposure.

Custom Printed Promotional Products with your logo or custom imprinted message are one of the best ways to get your current customers loyal, and new potential customers familiar with your brand, make sure you do it the right way.