Tea Cup Holder

Comfycup™ as your Tea Cup Holder

Comfycup™ as your Tea Cup Holder

Not everyone is hooked on coffee. Millions of commuters prefer to drink a warm cup of tea on their train or bus ride because it is not only relaxing, but has a variety of health benefits.

But it’s hard to hold your tea and try to type on your computer, use your phone or read a book at the same time. When Comfycup™ acts as your tea cup stand, your hands are free to do other things.

Protect yourself and your neighbour with your own personal tea cup stand

Unless it’s scorching hot outside, most people are drinking hot teas. Many people are already anxious before they go on transit to get to work, do errands or arrive at school. A soothing hot tea helps people put their mind in a calmer state.

If you have a tea to go with an insecure lid and no tea cup holder on transit, there is always the risk of spilling it on yourself or your neighbor, which can cause a burn. This can happen when we’re multitasking or if there is a sudden stop on the train or bus.

When you have Comfycup™ as your personal tea cup stand, you will not only take away the risk of a messy spill or burn, you will also protect yourself from a very annoyed commuter.

A tea cup holder keep clothes clean

Even though tea may not stain as badly as coffee, it will still be noticeable on your light clothes when you walk to school, store, work or wherever you go. This is especially embarrassing before a work meeting, networking event, or presentation.

Comfycup™ prevents spills on your clothes as well as those of other commuters by keeping your tea securely in place as a tea cup stand. The smart grip on Comfycup™ can hold almost all standard disposable and resusable cups.

Don’t skip your morning tea because you’re worried about a spill and feeling embarrassed in front of your friends, colleagues or people in public. Comfycup™ has you covered.

Save money by protecting your electronics with our tea cup stand

How much did your laptop, tablet and smartphone cost?

We’re guessing no less than a few hundred dollars. For less than $20.00, you can have Comfycup™ as your mobile tea cup holder, you can prevent tea spills on your expensive devices while you’re on transit. You can be fully engaged with your work, book, sleep or chat with your friends and family.

A tea cup holder for parents

Many families don’t have a car and rely on public transit to get to places with their kids including the grocery store, doctor appointments or the park.

Anyone who has young kids knows how much stuff they have to bring. Toys, drinks, snacks and diapers. Because parents have to juggle so many things, the last thing on their mind is enjoying a nice cup of tea on transit. But now they can with Comfycup™ as a tea cup holder. Before they leave the house, they can simply clip Comfycup™ to their bag and go.

Once they’re on transit, they can clamp it to a pole as a tea cup stand and place their cup. Now they can have their hands free to sort through their bag to give their child what they need or send messages on their phone. They can enjoy their cup of tea anytime during the ride.

Connect with us about using Comfycup™ as a tea cup stand

We would love to answer any questions you have about using Comfycup™ as your tea cup holder or your experience using it.